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HTML/ CSS Development

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The days of HTML4 are gone and HTML 5, the fifth generation Hyper Text Mark Up Language is becoming extremely popular as the “language of the web”. The immense popularity of HTML5 is because of its amazing capabilities which can benefit businesses multiple ways as it supports web design and development and mobile application development incredibly well. HTML5 combines the features of CSS and JavaScript, which can be used for creating browser-friendly, interactive and simple web pages.
Copa Infotech deployes the latest HTML5 development tools and use state of the art infrastructure for delivering captivating solutions. We always follow a development approach which can effectively embrace the diverse specifications in order to develop solutions which perfectly suits the customer’s requisites.
Benefits of using HTML5

It delivers better user experience in navigation
It considerably simplifies the complexity associated with video delivery and effortlessly reaches the iOS devices
It supports development of SEO friendly mobile and web solutions
It is highly compatible with all the existing mobile operating systems and browsers.
It possesses an intelligent interface and does not bothers users by asking them to download Flash or Silverlight in order to rum media
With its geo-location capabilities, HTML5 can be easily leveraged for latest mobile technologies and location oriented apps

Our Specialities

We possess extensive hands on experience and conscientious expertise in HTML5
We have proven expertise in mobile app development along with extensive web development experience
We have incredible proficiency in developing HTML5 based business critical applications with extensive functionalities
We follow a quality focused development approach which allows us to build applications which are exceptionally functional and exceed the industry benchmarks for quality
We are always open for communication with our clients at any stage of the product development and post development too
We deliver cutting edge mobile and web solutions at extremely affordable rates

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